Ring Car Cam by Amazon

Ring Car Cam is released by Amazon: What you need to know about it and when you can buy one are listed here.

Amazon, the parent company, will soon allow customers to add one to their car if the Ring cameras for your house aren’t enough.

The Ring Car Cam, a small two-way camera that fits on your car’s dashboard, will be available, the tech company said.

According to a listing on Amazon’s website, the Ring Car Cam is currently available for pre-order for $199.99, but the price will rise to $249.99 after January 31. On February 15, the cameras will officially go on sale.

In a statement, Ring’s chief technology officer Josh Roth said, “In the same way we help customers protect their homes and communities, we want to help them by extending our security expertise to their cars.”

How does the Ring Car Cam function?

Whether the vehicle is moving or stopped, the dual-facing camera can capture both the exterior of the vehicle from the dashboard and the interior.

The sensors in the Car Cam, like those in home cameras, can start recording when they detect something like a break-in. The Ring app will then provide owners with an alert and a live view of the camera.

The camera also has a feature called Traffic Stop that lets users start recording if they are stopped or in a car accident.

The camera can be connected to a cellular network and is powered by the vehicle’s battery; however, owners must subscribe to Ring’s Protect Go service.

What about the privacy of Ring Car Cam?

According to Amazon, the device has a privacy shutter that prevents video and audio from entering the vehicle. Encryption from beginning to end is also supported for all video recordings.

Roth mentioned that there is also an LED light that comes on whenever the camera is recording audio or video.

Where do I purchase a Ring Car Cam?

The Ring and Amazon websites allow customers to purchase the device. Don’t miss the pre-order discount, Buy Now.

Ring Protect Go subscriptions can also be purchased for $60 per year or $6 per month.

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